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June 2018 Archives

Suffering from work injuries? Get the compensation you deserve

There is a distinct satisfaction of putting in a day of hard work and being financially compensated for your time. When something interferes with a person's ability to continue working and providing for him or herself -- such as a workplace accident -- it can be devastating. Even more upsetting for some Texas workers is the realization that their employer might not participate in workers' compensation, making it more difficult to receive compensation for their work injuries.

Know your options if you were injured in a pedestrian accident

You walk into a crosswalk one day, your mind on your long to-do list for the afternoon. All of a sudden, you see a car approach you speedily. Naturally, you assume the driver will see you and step on the brake, but that does not happen. The next thing you know, you are lying on the ground in pain.

Who actually pays for dog bite injuries?

Suffering an animal attack is a traumatic experience. While the immediate, physical injuries are often the focus of recovery, many Texas victims also experience tremendous emotional suffering. Animal lovers might suddenly fear specific species or breeds they once adored, while others may no longer feel comfortable around their own pets. Recovering compensation for dog bit injuries can be overwhelming too, particularly when the dog's owner is a friend or neighbor.

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