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What happens if I cannot settle my car accident case?

Were you or a loved one in a car accident? Has insurance offered you a settlement you feel is insufficient considering the losses you have suffered? If so, you would not be the first Texan to experience this. Insurance companies do this to everyone because they know they can get most victims to settle for less than they actually deserve.

For this reason, personal injury attorneys say you should not talk to insurance providers alone. Most people feel that they have to accept an initial settlement or walk away with nothing. This is not true. It is called a settlement process for a reason. Negotiating with insurance providers can result in better compensation.

If negotiations fail

If negotiations fail to produce an acceptable car accident settlement, you may file civil claims in court. To do this:

  • You need to file an official complaint.
  • You need to have the complaint served to the parties involved.
  • You have to allow time for discovery.

After all this, your case can go to trial. Just know it can take time to get there. Be prepared to hurry up and wait.

Trial process

When your case is ready to go to court, jury selection will begin. Your legal team and the other party's legal team will both be trying to select jurors who they believe will side with them. After the jury is in place, the first day of trial, both sides will offer opening statements. Opening statements allow each side to present the facts of the case and offer a brief summary of their arguments.

Following opening statements, witnesses will give their testimonies. When that is done, closing arguments will take place, and then the jury will get to decide whom to side with. Deliberations can be quick or it can take a while. Every case is different.

Settlement negotiations continue

Just because you choose to take your case to trial, it does not mean that settlement negotiations stop. It is possible to continue seeking a fair settlement all the way up until the case is turned over to the jury.

Fight for fair compensation

The physical, emotional and financial damages that result from a car accident can be absolutely devastating. You should not have to settle for a low-ball compensation package. With help, you can fight for fair compensation.

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