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Cargo securement issues can lead to trucking accidents

Semitrailers are commonly on Texas roads. They are everywhere, and they are intimidating to drive around. Sadly, trucking accidents are all too common, and the victims of these incidents or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may struggle to recover physically, financially or emotionally.

There are a number of reasons that trucking accidents occur. Did you know that cargo securement issues is one of them? You would think that, with professionals loading semitrailers, they would know how to do it right, but mistakes happen, and when a truck hits the road with too much cargo or cargo that is not secured properly, it can spell disaster.

The cargo issue

You know that, if you do not properly secure something in your automobile, and you take a sharp turn or you have to stop fast, you can expect that thing to go flying. It happens. It's physics.

The same thing happens in a semitrailer, but instead of just the object going flying, it can affect the whole vehicle. Cargo shifts during transportation. It is a known fact. Semitrailers are big and can handle some shifting, but too much and the whole truck can tip, roll or fail to stop when needed. The driver has no way to recover.

In order to help prevent cargo-related truck accidents, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued guidelines by which trucking companies, their drivers and those individuals responsible for loading the trucks must abide. These guidelines include:

  • Cargo must not exceed a truck's weight limit
  • Securement to proper anchor points is a must
  • The use of proper ties is a must
  • One must use the right number of ties

All individuals responsible for loading cargo on a commercial hauler must go through the proper training to ensure they know what they are doing and are up to date on the current standards for cargo securement set by the FMCSA.

Why should this information matter to you?

If you suffered injuries or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, this information may seem unimportant at the moment, but it may be beneficial to your case. If it is found that cargo securement issues caused the incident, that may be enough to establish negligence in your case, which can help you achieve maximum relief for your losses.

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