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Auto accidents: head-on accident kills parents, daughter

The holiday season is usually a time for joy, reconnecting with family and enjoying some well-earned time off. For one Texas family, the holiday season was transformed into a time of grieving. Two Texas parents and one of their children were among several who were killed in a car accident the day after Christmas. For many families, learning how to move on after these types of auto accidents can be difficult.

Who is responsible for auto accidents caused by underage drivers?

A recent drunk driving accident in Texas left a young mother dead and a teenage driver facing serious criminal charges. The young driver, age 19, was served a large amount of alcohol in a bar, after which he got behind the wheel of his vehicle. Causing one of the state's latest auto accidents, he crossed three lanes of traffic and collided with a vehicle that had a young mother, her son and the grandmother inside. The grandmother and the son of the deceased survived the crash.

Auto accidents: Foster kids among those killed in head-on wreck

Three people -- including two minors -- were killed and another child was seriously injured in a recent head-on collision. According to authorities, the adult victim was an employee of Texas Child Protective Services who was transporting three siblings. Deaths from unexpected auto accidents such as this are understandably devastating for surviving family members, and many choose to turn to wrongful death claims to address the wide of range of damages they must deal with.

Fatal auto accidents: 9-year-old killed on way to school

A young Texas girl was apparently looking forward to her first day of being a fourth grader, but she was killed in a tragic accident before she ever got to school. Auto accidents that result in death are typically devastating, but are especially traumatizing when the victims are young children. Although the community has expressed their financial support to the family, a wrongful death claim could potentially provide more secure, just compensation. 

Auto accidents: mother killed, students injured in school lot

Most parents would do anything to protect their children, and one Texas mother recently did just that. Police say that she was struck and killed while in her children's school parking lot. Three children were also hit in the wreck, although they all survived with injuries. Auto accidents like this are understandably traumatizing for family members and the community at large. 

Know your options if you were injured in a pedestrian accident

You walk into a crosswalk one day, your mind on your long to-do list for the afternoon. All of a sudden, you see a car approach you speedily. Naturally, you assume the driver will see you and step on the brake, but that does not happen. The next thing you know, you are lying on the ground in pain.

Protect yourself from the uninsured and underinsured

Auto insurance is expensive. Most people purchase some level of auto insurance, though, because they want protection in the event they are in an accident, or if anything happens to their vehicles. On the flip side, there are those who choose not to buy it, drive anyway and hope for the best. The result is both uninsured and underinsured drivers on Texas roads.

Auto accidents: 1 dies in crash involving distracted driver

Distracted driving is a major concern and the consequences of such negligence can be substantial. Those who divert even a portion of their attention off the road can drift in and out of lanes and travel hundreds of feet without being aware of what is happening in front of them. This has been the cause of countless auto accidents over the years, and a recent incident involving an apparent distracted driver has claimed the life of a woman in Texas.

Auto accidents involving drunk drivers often prove fatal

Far too many families have lost loved ones due to the decisions and actions of a drunk driver. Auto accidents involving impaired drivers can be dangerous, and the victims of such incidents could end up suffering the consequences of an incident over which they had little to no control. A recent collision involving a suspected drunk driver in Texas has reportedly led to the death of a 6-month-old child.

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