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Trucker suffers work injuries on the road

The word "workplace" is often associated with offices lined with cubicles and computers. Realistically, the workplace looks different for everyone. For some Texas workers, it is behind a sales counter or serving food, while for others it can be behind the wheel of a vehicle. Understanding the wide range of applications of this word as well as the scope of work duties can be useful when injured workers need to seek compensation for work injuries.

A recent accident left one woman dead and sent another man to the hospital. According to police, a 66-year-old woman was driving too fast for the weather conditions at the time of the wreck. She ended up losing control of her vehicle, colliding with an oncoming tractor-trailer.

Passing another vehicle is a dangerous maneuver

You may enjoy traveling the Texas roads. However, you may not enjoy having a driver in front of you impede your ability to get to your destination in a timely manner. As a result, you may have thought about passing numerous vehicles during your years as a driver.

While passing can be a useful driving maneuver in some instances, it is important to remember that it can also be illegal or dangerous to do under certain circumstances. Knowing when you can safely and legally pass another vehicle could prove immensely useful in keeping yourself safe on the road.

Defective tools can cause serious work injuries

In Texas, workers' compensation is optional. Unlike other states, business owners can choose whether to carry insurance or not. This leaves victims of work injuries with the option to sue employers if they can prove negligence. However, what are their options when defective tools or equipment cause injuries?

Employers must inform workers of potential risks and protect them from known hazards, but they do not always stay up to date on recalled power tools. This can expose their workers to unknown hazards. One such danger involves propane torches that were recently recalled by Harbor Freight. The company recalled two models of Greenwood propane torches, which use hydrocarbon gas that combines with oxygen to produce a flame.

Postal worker undergoes surgery for dog bite injuries

Mail carriers fleeing from vicious dogs might be a running gag across the entertainment industry, but it is far from a joke for the men and women who have to face these very real dangers. A mail carrier in Texas was recently transported to the hospital after suffering serious dog bite injuries while on her route. It is possible that she might follow the example of victims who have suffered in similar situations and choose to pursue a claim for monetary damages from the dogs' owner.

In early Feb. 2019, a U.S. Postal Services mail carrier was working her regular route when she was accosted by two dogs. Around 3 p.m., she dropped a package off at the front porch of the home where the dogs lived. At the time the two animals were in the backyard, which was apparently not secure as they managed to escape and attack the woman.

Inattentional blindness behind numerous motorcycle accidents

You were out riding your motorcycle, either on your way to work, school, the store or just because you can, when all of a sudden, a car turned right in front of you as if you weren't even there. You struck the car, went flying off your bike and suffered some pretty serious injuries. Quite frankly, you feel lucky to be alive, as many motorcyclists die in accidents like this. You play the event over in your mind, but you just cannot understand how the driver failed to see you.

A study released in 2018 has an answer for why drivers fail to see motorcycles -- inattention blindness. It refers to how the brain processes information, such as the failure to see something that is clearly in their field of view.

Texas roads aren't safe as long as distracted drivers use them

When you get behind the wheel to drive on a Texas roadway, you have the right to reasonably expect that other drivers will adhere to traffic regulations and act with caution as they travel to their destinations. Especially if you are giving your keys to a teenage son or daughter who is new to driving, you may feel worried every time they leave the house, and for good reason. Unfortunately, many motorists are negligent or reckless, which places your child and others at risk for injury.

Three main types of driving distractions exist that you'll want to caution all licensed drivers in your household about. The problem is there isn't much you can do about drivers outside your household and if one of them causes you or your loved one injury, you'll want to know where to seek support.

Slip-and-fall accidents: Woman sues over injuries

Suffering an injury because of another person's negligence is often physically, emotionally and financially traumatizing. These injuries can be particularly difficult for victims of slip-and-fall accidents, because friends and family members sometimes try to downplay the seriousness of the situation. However, like with other accidents, victims often need help to reach the best possible recovery.

A Texas woman recently filed a civil lawsuit against a steak house where she allegedly suffered serious harm. Although it is not clear if she was entering or leaving the restaurant at the time of the incident, her suit claims that there was a slippery liquid pooled on the floor near the interior side of the restaurant's entrance. The suit does not identify the substance, but it did note that it was close to the restaurant's aquarium.

Driver suffered catastrophic injuries in fiery collision

No matter how carefully a person behaves behind the wheel, all it takes is a single reckless driver to change things forever. A car accident can lead to serious or even catastrophic injuries, which are more than just physically painful. Most victims also deal with the emotional and financial aftermath of being hurt in a wreck. Getting compensation for these injuries is often essential to a fully recovery, and victims may choose to use information gathered by police when pursuing personal injury claims.

Texas police recently arrested an alleged drunk driver who they say caused a devastating accident. Before the crash, officers noticed a driver behaving erratically at around 10:40 p.m. and attempted to initiate a traffic stop. The driver would not pull over and instead sped away. Police eventually caught up and watched as the driver collided with the rear of a pickup.

Cargo securement issues can lead to trucking accidents

Semitrailers are commonly on Texas roads. They are everywhere, and they are intimidating to drive around. Sadly, trucking accidents are all too common, and the victims of these incidents or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may struggle to recover physically, financially or emotionally.

There are a number of reasons that trucking accidents occur. Did you know that cargo securement issues is one of them? You would think that, with professionals loading semitrailers, they would know how to do it right, but mistakes happen, and when a truck hits the road with too much cargo or cargo that is not secured properly, it can spell disaster.

Auto accidents: head-on accident kills parents, daughter

The holiday season is usually a time for joy, reconnecting with family and enjoying some well-earned time off. For one Texas family, the holiday season was transformed into a time of grieving. Two Texas parents and one of their children were among several who were killed in a car accident the day after Christmas. For many families, learning how to move on after these types of auto accidents can be difficult.

On Dec. 26, 2018, the parents were traveling on State Highway 206 with their two daughters. At the same time, a 37-year-old man was driving a van on the same stretch of highway. Police reported that road conditions were particularly wet that day because of rain, so all drivers should have been exercising the necessary amount of caution behind the wheel. Despite this, the van's driver ended up losing control of his vehicle, crossed the center yellow line of traffic and struck the parent's vehicle head-on.

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