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Auto accidents: head-on accident kills parents, daughter

The holiday season is usually a time for joy, reconnecting with family and enjoying some well-earned time off. For one Texas family, the holiday season was transformed into a time of grieving. Two Texas parents and one of their children were among several who were killed in a car accident the day after Christmas. For many families, learning how to move on after these types of auto accidents can be difficult.

On Dec. 26, 2018, the parents were traveling on State Highway 206 with their two daughters. At the same time, a 37-year-old man was driving a van on the same stretch of highway. Police reported that road conditions were particularly wet that day because of rain, so all drivers should have been exercising the necessary amount of caution behind the wheel. Despite this, the van's driver ended up losing control of his vehicle, crossed the center yellow line of traffic and struck the parent's vehicle head-on.

Compensation after slip-and-fall accidents is important

Falls are often traumatizing events that leave victims both physically and emotionally injured. If you suffered a fall, you understand just how difficult the recovery can be. Not only are you trying to recover, but you may not be able to attend work while doing so, leaving you short on cash as you amass bigger and bigger medical debts. In Texas, victims of slip-and-fall accidents often turn to premises liability suits when seeking compensation for their injuries. 

Although no two accidents are alike, many feature similar factors. Your own slip-and-fall accident might even fall under one of these causes. These can include but are not limited to: 

  • Slippery floors 
  • Worn or torn carpets 
  • Broken or uneven flooring 
  • Poorly lit paths 

A commercial truck accident doesn't have to hold you back

A relatively normal drive may quickly turn into a traumatizing one if a negligent commercial truck driver hits your car. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are not always avoidable, as they can happen relatively quickly.

You may end up suffering physical injuries as well as financial, emotional and mental challenges after a truck accident. Fortunately, it is within your rights to seek compensation for the accident-related injuries you have suffered.

Who is responsible for auto accidents caused by underage drivers?

A recent drunk driving accident in Texas left a young mother dead and a teenage driver facing serious criminal charges. The young driver, age 19, was served a large amount of alcohol in a bar, after which he got behind the wheel of his vehicle. Causing one of the state's latest auto accidents, he crossed three lanes of traffic and collided with a vehicle that had a young mother, her son and the grandmother inside. The grandmother and the son of the deceased survived the crash.

According to a video taken from inside the bar, the intoxicated driver was served at least 12 drinks while he was there. This includes a few shots of tequila. Reports indicate that he was never asked to show his identification, and the bar was not even licensed to serve alcohol. Several people who work at the bar are also facing charges for serving a minor and other violations.

What happens if I cannot settle my car accident case?

Were you or a loved one in a car accident? Has insurance offered you a settlement you feel is insufficient considering the losses you have suffered? If so, you would not be the first Texan to experience this. Insurance companies do this to everyone because they know they can get most victims to settle for less than they actually deserve.

For this reason, personal injury attorneys say you should not talk to insurance providers alone. Most people feel that they have to accept an initial settlement or walk away with nothing. This is not true. It is called a settlement process for a reason. Negotiating with insurance providers can result in better compensation.

Slip-and-fall accidents and other shopping dangers

Shopping is often billed as a fun experience, especially during the holiday seasons when gift buying is common. However, it shopping is also a distinctly dangerous activity. From slip-and-fall accidents to incidents in parking lots, the average Texas shopper may not be as safe as he or she thinks.

For some, a shopping injury might be minor. But among the thousands upon thousands of annual shopping injuries in the U.S., there are many people who end up dealing with serious medical issues. These include things like broken bones, head injuries, neck and spinal injuries, and, in some extreme cases, even death. Here are a few ways in which a customer might be hurt while shopping:

  • In a slip-and-fall accident caused by unsafe floor conditions.
  • Head injuries from retail displays or falling objects.
  • Broken bones from overcrowding hazards.

Victim seeks compensation for dog bite injuries

Even the most avid dog lover can experience ongoing emotional trauma from an animal attack. This is on top of the accompanying physical impact of dog bite injuries, which are often severe and require extensive medical treatment. One Texas woman is seeking financial compensation for these types of injuries after she says she was attacked by a dog that had gotten loose from its home.

The victim filed her suit in late Oct. 2018, a couple of months after the early August attack. According to the claim, she did not do anything to antagonize or attract the dog's attention. Instead, she had simply been walking by the home of the dog's owners when she was bitten and attacked.

Stay safe in parking lots this holiday season

During the holiday season, there are more people out and about. Holiday shopping, errands and other tasks mean that more drivers are on the roads, and by default, they are more cars in parking lots. This naturally means that the chance for an accident in a parking lot increases during the holiday season.

You may not realize it, but parking lot accidents are one of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents. In fact, statistics released by the National Safety Council state that 50,000 people suffer injuries in accidents that happen in parking lots every year. This amounts to approximately 500 deaths and as many as 60,000 injuries. It is clear that parking lot safety is a serious issue.

Auto accidents: Foster kids among those killed in head-on wreck

Three people -- including two minors -- were killed and another child was seriously injured in a recent head-on collision. According to authorities, the adult victim was an employee of Texas Child Protective Services who was transporting three siblings. Deaths from unexpected auto accidents such as this are understandably devastating for surviving family members, and many choose to turn to wrongful death claims to address the wide of range of damages they must deal with.

At the time of the wreck, the CPS worker was traveling with a 12-year-old girl and her 14 and 10-year-old brothers. While northbound in a no-passing zone, their vehicle was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Police say the other driver was trying to pass another southbound vehicle despite the presence of the double yellow line.

Party City sued for slip-and-fall accident

Shopping can be an incredibly fun experience for most people. From browsing different stores to shopping sales to finding the perfect item, there is a lot to love in an afternoon of carefree shopping. Unfortunately, this may not have been the case for one Texas woman. She recently filed a lawsuit for a slip-and-fall accident that she says caused her to suffer serious injuries.

The victim says that she was shopping at Party City back on Oct. 31, 2017 when the accident happened. While in the establishment, she stepped on some slick material that had been discarded or forgotten on the floor, and that no one had bothered to clean up. After that, she slipped and fell, hurting herself in the process.

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