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Don't make these 3 mistakes after a slip-and-fall accident

Knowing what to do after a serious slip-and-fall accident can be difficult, especially when victims require emergency assistance. Generally speaking, though, it can be helpful to take pictures, collect witness contact information and document anything you might remember about the accident.

These steps can be very helpful if you decide to pursue compensation with a personal injury claim, though it can still be possible to build a claim you are unable to do this. However, that there are a few mistakes that could make it all but impossible to pursue a slip-and-fall accident claim.

Truck driver fatigue and accidents

If you drive a lot, you know how sleepy you can get after hours behind the wheel. It's no different for professionals, no matter how much experience they have. Driving a big rig is difficult, too, and it demands absolutely full attention.

Truck driving is a job, however, and everyone comes under pressure at work. Putting in extra hours might get you some extra pay, but truck drivers are regulated so they are not fatigued while on the road. And far too many are pushing themselves over the limits.

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